How do I record a video with music playing? – See Yourself While Filming

On your iPhone, please plug in to your speakers, and then select from the menu on the far right, “Record video”. Select the option that appears and the video will start recording automatically.

To select a different audio element while recording:

On your iPhone, please plug in to your speakers and then select “Record video, audio”. In the middle menu, select the option that appears.

What is the maximum number of simultaneous audio streams?

This depends on the volume of the music. If the music tracks play at the same time, one stream may be available. In other cases, you may only hear one stream available until it is disconnected, when one stream will be available again.

How can I control the volume of a video with music tracks playing?

If the tracks are playing in the opposite order to where they were originally recorded, they should be in the opposite order.

This can be accomplished by pressing and holding the volume wheel in different patterns, and then selecting the pattern you want to use. The order you select during playing the track should not matter, because you’re going to start recording and not stop playback.

How can I play audio from another music app?

In the iPhone audio player, tap on the Audio player icon and select the app you want to hear music from. You can also play audio from the iPhone media player, if your other player supports this. Music played from apps installed for playing a specific app will automatically be played when the song starts playing in that app.

What is the recommended volume level for audio?

If your phone detects audio output at an acceptable level, then the maximum you should be allowed to set it on your Android device is around -6 dB (1 level below the normal volume level). That is similar to the volume level you should be allowed to set on any Apple device, but this is for use with apps and system audio.

What should I change the volume of music on the iPhone?

Make sure the Music app has been open on your device, and have a look at the Sound Settings. There will be a small slider here that you can adjust to match the music music played.

What is the maximum volume level and what makes the maximum level?

The maximum is determined by the volume level of the music playing.

For music to work properly, the volume must be set to -11 dB. Audio can be played without volume controls, however,

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