How do I record a video with music playing?

Start with Google’s YouTube app, which offers a shortcut to recording a video. Start with the button, then play the Music you want to record, then press Record. For instance, if you want to record music, use Play Music, then press Record in Video Recording. When prompted, press Continue. Play the desired YouTube video. Use the same Record button, the YouTube video’s Play icon and press Record. You’ll see a video recording icon in the notification area on your iOS device’s Lock screen. Press it to start playback.

How do I see which clips I’ve recorded?

Press the Share button, then select the video you want to share. Open up the YouTube app. Click the Share button again. Select the video in the top right corner, then click Record, then select the video you want to share.

How do I use the Record button?

Use the Record button by selecting the video you want to record, then pressing Record .

What is the difference between a video capture and a clip recording?

Playback captures information such as the video player’s current time, channel, and music. Clip recorded information for a song or video is called a clip.

What is a video frame?

A video frame is a block of video data that serves as a window onto a video. A video frame looks like a rectangle. At first glance, it appears the same as one of your normal video views. However, videos contain more information than normal video views due to extra pixels and additional time code in the frame. At each point of a video frame, the number of videos inside the frame is equal to its resolution – in video frames the value 0 is the height and width of the frame. However, due to the extra pixels and longer timecode in certain frames, a video frame can contain information that is more complex than information found in normal video views. In addition, video frame’s size and location are more specific than normal video views. It is easy to find the video frame location in a video. For example, pressing the right trigger of the iOS remote will display the video frame location in a window.

What are the options available as preview videos?

Preview videos: these are the same video frames used to play the video in normal views. They look identical to normal video views, but you may choose to delete or add them to your library.

These are the same video frames used to play the video in normal views.