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A few weeks back, I was interviewed by Radio 4 which did something called “The Science Channel Quiz” (

They did two questions and the one I got wrong got featured in the show called “The World’s Greatest Quiz” which you should listen to here ( It’s my interview with Robert Wilson on the “The Science Channel Quiz” podcast that is linked below (

They asked if I could answer a simple question: “How come, in the solar system and beyond, the planets orbit around their parent Sun in the same direction?”, I could not.

I could not find a credible explanation or a convincing answer on the internet.

My response is that the Sun is just a big big big star that just keeps revolving around it.

The star is a black hole. All stars spin and we see light coming off of stars. When the Sun dies, the light from the dead star continues to shine on all of the other stars in the Universe. It gives them all light coming out.

So, the black hole spins around the galaxy and spins in the same direction that our stars appear to be spinning.

All this is just part of astronomy. It’s the Sun.

Another question that we can answer with certainty, is the motion of the planets. The planet is moving around with all the other planets in the system, just like the Sun, they are all spin in the same direction.

For those of you that know what the motion does, I will explain.

The Earth revolving around the Sun takes it about 6 trillion years. However, some people say we have been here for only 100 000 years and that the Earth has moved over the past 50 000 years. This is not accurate.

What we have been shown in science to have been true is that the Earth was not moved over the past 50 000 years and that the Sun is moving around us in a straight line.

So the Earth rotates on its axis for a period of 6 trillion years and it orbits the Sun in the same direction

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