How do I start a career in video editing?

A video editor is a creative person who will add value to a project or product. A video editor is someone who has the ability to work independently and self-motivate by writing and directing scripts.

How do I become a video editor?

You can learn your trade at a young age by learning a trade under a professional teacher. You can also learn online by looking up video editing schools on-line, or by taking a job as a video editor while you’re a student. A video editor may have the following skills:

Understanding and using computers to edit video

Ability to follow simple instructions

Good eye for detail

Working memory ability

Ability to edit with a minimum of equipment and tools

Knowledge of a wide array of video equipment with basic editing software

Expert level of experience with Adobe Premiere or After Effects

How to become a video professional

Becoming a video professional is more time-intensive and requires more formal training than an entry-level job, at which point you’ll develop skills as you work, and improve your skills by getting some practice with higher-level applications. A video editor may have the following skills:

Being well-versed on video editing processes and technologies

Being able to use Adobe Premiere or After Effects

Understanding and being able to use a wide array of equipment with basic editing software

Work and learning process for a video editor

Becoming a video editor involves many steps, and the length and complexity varies from video editing school to video editing school.

The course of video editing skills includes the following steps:

Learning a video editing program

Become familiar with what this means and where to find it

Take the “Hello World” video editing course, learn some of the basic technologies used in video editing, such as editing software and the capabilities of editing software

Work one-on-one with a live video editor

Develop a skillset and practice on your own

Practice with a pro video editor

The process of learning a video editing program consists of a series of steps. When you first start on your job, it is recommended that you follow the steps below, each of which takes you into a different area of video editing, or training, as appropriate.

Once you have done these steps successfully and are confident in your skillset, you can proceed on to the next step.

The steps below show the stages of video