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I’ll get you to the spot and be patient. I’ll play that thing like a guitar and then you should be able to play it just like a guitar. You’ll get there.

I’ve had to improvise for songs a lot lately. I use an 808 drum machine to play all the drums. I’ll go off and do some real crazy shit, try to get it where I want it to be and I’ll see if anything pops. Sometimes it’ll be a little bit shaky with no bounce on it, but I always have a good time trying stuff out.

Do you play it live, or record it?

I’m just gonna go back for about the next two weeks in between shooting. I’ll just go back to London and record a track and then I’ll take it to the stage and start playing it so you get used to it the next day. You try and get it just enough to show that it doesn’t feel real. But it’ll get better all the time from then on.

Who’s playing what role? What do they do?

Chris, Nick and I all have different styles. Chris is a pretty loud guy, Nick has a very clean beat, and I have a bit of everything. We all try to get it right.

What’s your approach to being a DJ?

It’s hard to know. I try and keep it on a small screen. My TV’s got a few options but it’s too small. It’s good to know where everything is but it’s hard to find a spot where you can be out for a few hours and have some fun. If you take the time to listen to how people are listening it gets better.

What about the equipment, though?

Everything about a DJ sets you up for a bad record so it’s not as easy as you may think. You don’t really know where the equipment will land until you’ve set that up. If you want to be a DJ in my day you have to be prepared with everything. For sure we’ve had two days of not having any gear on.

How long are you out?

It’s all different. We can usually be out for like six hours during a week and I think it varies. But I would say about a week. It’s definitely going to be two days for the big ones you get in the clubs here. It’ll be five or so for the smaller gigs.

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