How long it takes to edit a music video?

It depends, but generally it’s about a 10 minute edit.

What are the technical aspects of editing a commercial video?

You shoot it on a film camera and then you edit it digitally on a computer using a program called Final Cut Pro, because we do a lot of animation at Universal.

How many artists work for or manage the videos on YouTube?

As many as 1,700.

What is the most-watched music video ever?

The single is “What I Need” by Nipsey Hussle (2005) and you can watch that here:

Any other interesting facts about YouTube?

YouTube is a “viral video” in that it has a significant portion of views and shares that come from video makers not from users clicking a button in their browser.

What is the most profitable thing an individual can do on the Internet?

It’s not just the sale of their music but a lot of the free and low-cost tools I’ve used in the industry.
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How much is the YouTube music video ad fee?

It’s $350,000 this year.

How much is Universal spending for a promotional campaign?

The video will be shown on 30+ of Universal’s broadcast TV channels that have Universal’s channels, and in a variety of print media, including Time Inc., Time Inc. Magazine, National Geographic Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar.

What are the most successful music videos that you think people should watch?

There are lots out there. Here are just a few of my favorites.

The biggest music video since the release of the original Michael Jackson/Adele video was a movie called “Rock of Ages.” If you haven’t