How much did Michael Jackson scream video cost? – How To Become A Successful Videographer

$60 million to “Blurred Lines?” $100 to “Black or White”? $50 million to “Black or White 2”

Let’s compare these costs.
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2 billion dollars to remake a song for one person, and then use that same money to film a whole new movie,

and to shoot a movie about what this song was supposed to be about. That’s way more money than Michael Jackson would have saved by just releasing “Blurred Lines,” or even the cost of a sequel. It goes without saying, but if they were going to use that same money for a sequel, instead of a remake movie of “Blurred Lines” that ended with a new song, it seems it would take something like $6 million to make that song sound like it’s the real Michael Jackson and not just a parody.

That brings us to the third cost. The amount Jackson’s lawyers spent trying to make “Blurred Lines” into a reality, and to pay for the lawsuits, for instance. It seems the amount of money that they had to spend to make a parody of “Blurred Lines” has the most impact on the actual song. For the average Joe, a $6 million budget would probably be a bit more than a $60 million budget.

In his book “The Making of Michael Jackson: A Biography,” published by the Jackson estate, Jackson biographer, and former Rolling Stone writer, Paul F. Tompkins tells the story, about how he met Jackson. He writes about a group of high school friends who had an opportunity to take their high school reunion tour to New Zealand, where Jackson was vacationing at the time. They came back with a very cool idea; they would record the original version of “Blurred Lines” together as the opening song to their concert tour. As “Blurred Lines” was already such an iconic video track (it’s even the first one to ever get a billion hits on YouTube), they decided to do that remix of the song and also pay for the tour to play their versions of the song, which they dubbed “Blurred Lines: The New Song,” but also sold as “Blurred Lines: The Original Version.”

So, what did Jackson’s lawyers do to try and get the song back into circulation, after all these years? Well, according to F.T.Pkins’ book, they decided to take the story of the original “Blurred Lines” one step further.

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