How much did Michael Jackson scream video cost? – Shooting Without A Tripod

$500,000? The $10 million that the recording company, Verve, said it had paid him? Or some unknown number in between?

But we’re not quite there yet, because that video, which is based on a live performance, has been taken down since Jackson’s death.

According to TMZ, Jackson’s estate received a cease-and-desist letter from Verve. It alleged the video had been distributed and used without Jackson’s permission.

Verve is a company that Jackson founded. The name has been around for years.

We called up one of the top attorneys at Verve, who confirmed he could not comment on the case, but did say that the video was a public performance and should have been approved by Jackson’s estate.

He said: “Our primary concern is for these kids and their safety. With so much money, we would be concerned about the damage to the estate when these videos are made available for public consumption.”

So there we have it: No video, from a live performance that Jackson himself directed.

Jackson’s official website explains: “Live music videos for films are created for profit – they are not commissioned. They must have the highest standards and will always adhere to the highest standards of creative integrity.”

So why was a video made without Jackson’s permission? Because the Internet is just not that kind of place.

“YouTube doesn’t want to be seen as a place for children to make their own video. To them, it’s like a drug…and you want people, mostly kids, on it, and that’s really why they’re hesitant on YouTube, with videos for children,” said David Bier, who has a law practice in Chicago and has done work with Verve in the past.

We reached out to Verve for its legal claim, and will update to add their response. This all may seem like old news, but it still feels like the latest in a very long string of music videos taken down by vandals from the Internet.

When a song is performed live for an artist, you’re not allowed to use the song as your own. This is especially true for songwriters, and this video is just another example of the problems artists have with their copyrighted work.

Verve should know, and since its lawyers are not commenting right now, we’ll let you all make up your own minds about this one.

“What has happened during the past half year,

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