How much do freelance videographers make?

A new report published last week by found the median gross weekly earnings of working freelance videographers. From there, the company found the mean gross weekly earnings for freelancers and full-time workers, which is just over $25,000 a year.

While this is undoubtedly higher than the median earnings of a college graduate, the amount is actually a bit lower than that of a high school graduate, though it’s still more than half a million dollars more than a college graduate’s annual salary.

This is an encouraging statistic for employers because it’s a very affordable amount, not to mention a very healthy income compared to a high school graduate from a traditional, full-time job.

When considering the salary of a freelance videographer, the most important factors to consider are salary, location, hours, and hours per week.

Here are the data points:

Average wages are significantly lower in the U.S. than in Europe, where you can make twice as much in the beginning of the year and make only $8.50 more after all these expenses.

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4. What do freelance video editors and videographers make?

A new report from Mintel suggests the median earnings of videographers and editors. The earnings of editors are lower than those of videographers because much of the work is related to digital, and much of the experience is not related to video editing.

You could make $15.50 or $19.97 as an editor, compared to the $32.77 you can earn as a videographer.

You don’t necessarily need to be a video editor to be a high quality video editor, although you definitely need to have a lot of experience. A good example is Adobe Premiere Pro, which is more than enough to make that video for $16.48 an hour.

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5. Who are the highest paid video editors and videographers?

Mintel released two different salary reports on March 14, 2013, showing the full list of the highest paid editors and videographers in the world.

These top earners are:

Michael Hiltzik, founder of Hiltzik Ventures