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That depends. For example, you can use this example: — John Oliver (@JohnOliver) August 10, 2017

It’s going to cost you about $100, and that doesn’t even include the time you spend watching your ad, or the time you spend talking to people who see it.

To give you an idea, here’s an example of an ad you might see on your local news or sports anchor, or a local radio station. It’s going to cost you about 8 cents.

How much more likely would you be to vote for a candidate who is being paid $50,000 to promote this ad?

You’ll have to find out on your own, but it’s extremely likely that you’ll be more likely to vote for a candidate who is paid $50,000 to promote a video that has one minute and 55 seconds of commercial-free, unadulterated YouTube content.

In fact, it’s pretty likely that the only candidate who is going to get a big bump from $50,000 in ad money is Bernie Sanders.

That’s because Sanders is going to see about 10 times as much exposure as anyone else on television after he airs this ad.

What about if you decide to ignore the ad?

When you just see a 10 second video, you don’t get to choose what your ads are about.

If ads are only two minutes long, you can see them ad-free, but you can’t decide. They’re just ads. That’s all part of making money.

Which candidates can you ignore?

You can see that ads from anyone running for office are going to make you buy some, even if you don’t want to.

But, they’re not going to do more for you than they will for anyone else. There’s almost no chance you’s going to learn about who’s running for office until you read about it online.

As you can see, every candidate, regardless of political affiliation, is being paid by an advertising company.

We’ve gone into more detail on exactly how advertisers spend money online about a month ago.

Do you care about the ads that you see, or should you ignore all of them until you want to see more?


How Much Money Does YouTube Ads Make?

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