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How much does a 15 second YouTube ad cost

As of December 31st 2013, the amount per YouTube ad is 2.05ยข. This calculation refers to a 2:1 ratio of YouTube and Facebook ads.

The YouTube Advertising Guidelines

The Video Advertising Guidelines provide guidelines as to how advertisers can create and place YouTube ad campaigns. Here are their main definitions:

Broadly speaking, the following is considered non-content advertising. Content advertisements are the advertisements to be placed in YouTube videos. For example, videos uploaded by the media companies are content advertisements.

Other advertisements are those that are intended to promote specific products or services, and which are either non-content ads or advertising on a broader issue.

In addition, “Content Advertising” is advertising content, whether posted on YouTube or hosted on an external site that is not owned or directly supported by the media company (e.g. Google, Twitter)

Google, YouTube, and Facebook, along with their respective advertising networks, must adhere to the guidelines to be eligible to advertise on YouTube.

Examples of content advertising

Google – Google Search + YouTube

This is a 2:1 ad ratio.

Google, Facebook, and Google AdWords – YouTube Display Network

These ads are for YouTube videos made by Google (or Facebook)

Google AdWords – ad placement on YouTube

This ad placement on YouTube’s Display Network does not appear to be targeted to any specific audience. In fact, the ad shows up for people who have recently searched to watch an existing video that is a sponsored video.

Media Buyers – YouTube Display Network and Facebook Advertising Ads

These ads appear to be non-content ad, specifically advertising on YouTube’s Display Network

Facebook – Facebook Ads

Facebook AdWords – ad placement on Facebook

All of these advertisements are non-content advertisers.

How Advertisers can advertise on YouTube

Advertisers choose how much time is allotted to a given video. YouTube then decides how much time to spend on any given video, based on a percentage of the time available. The actual time it takes advertisers to reach a given audience can vary. However, a video must reach a certain level of awareness to begin any kind of sponsored placement, which is in the form of a click from the user, for the advertiser to run a ad on the video.

An advertiser could run a 20 second YouTube ad, if the user only

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