How much does a 30 second ad cost?

Advertisers pay a percentage of the ad to air during prime time. Advertisers can pay for a limited amount of time during the program or they can pay an unlimited amount.

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Do I have to give away my credit card information when I submit my offer? Yes. Once the advertising plan has launched, users must give each other access to their private credit card numbers, PIN numbers and payment information. If you choose to provide users with their personal information to share, you will not be able to do so while your advertisement is active in the system.

I submitted a bid, but I don’t have a bid ready. How can I get ready? Advertisers are currently working through a beta version. It’s expected to be added to your account soon. If you are not part of the beta test, please click here.

How can I set my price? By using the advertising plan, you are giving consumers the ability to bid and make their own pricing.

How do I choose my ad? You can visit the Ad plan’s details page and select your preferred pricing as shown in the screenshot below: In the pricing area, you can also choose to make your ad only available to a limited group of users or to show your ad to all viewers.

I can’t find my ad on the page I saw when I was browsing. What does it mean? We’re working hard to increase the number of ads that are able to run on our website. Please check back often. The ads we’re currently showing may not be up to the standard we can provide. If we are unable to show your ad or if it appears that you’re unable to create a bid, please visit our Help center to request more information.

How do I know where my ad is being shown? When you’re viewing ads on our website, you’ll have the ability to “Track” where the ads are being played.

By clicking the Track button on your browser, you’ll be able to identify any specific ads in our system that you’ve been interested in.

How do I track ads? To see if your ad is being played, click the Track button below your ad.

How do I request to cancel an ad? To receive a Cancel request, please email [email protected] Please see our Terms and privacy policy.

I paid for my ad, how come my ad looks different from the others? When you pay for your ad, you’ll have