How much should I charge for a 1 minute video?

A 1 minute video is around $1.00 USD. You would charge the same amount for a 40 minute video or for a 15 minute video. Some websites offer the same videos for different amounts, and some websites do not. The way you choose to charge depends on various factors including your website content, your website design and the type of content in your video. We recommend choosing a video that is easy to view and play.

Video pricing for WordPress websites

A few of the websites that provide WordPress solutions offer free video-based solutions. If you have a website that fits into these categories or is willing to pay for the videos, please use our plugin or use our Video Payment Plan to get started.

We strongly encourage you to visit our Video Pricing Overview to learn more and also see the video pricing for other WordPress solutions.

What if I can’t find a price for a video with a specific video type?

If the exact type of video you require is not listed in the pricing chart above, please check with each individual website or website developer on the appropriate website for that type of content.

Are there other video pricing solutions?

Another solution has appeared recently that is available for WordPress websites. It is called Freeside Video and it makes the process of setting up payment agreements with different video providers easy and fast. The WordPress plugin was created to provide a better experience for our customers – and you can read more about it and learn more about other video and WordPress solutions here.

Also check out Video Pricing for Blogs, Podcasts, Videos and More, which shows the WordPress video pricing for the entire WordPress community as well as some examples from individual blog owners.

Are there any more resources/website/software that can help with video pricing?

More resources are always welcome. Just please contact me directly at [email protected] – that way we can make all the suggestions that you’d like to see in the video pricing guide. Thank you for your patience and we’ll do our best to give you as much help as we can.

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