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Here are some ideas for how much you can charge per minute to make the most out of this video:

To find the best rate, get a good quality video camera and get the shutter speed just right.

If you have an amateur camera, get it calibrated with the highest metering setting that uses the widest aperture you can find. Make sure all your exposure compensation settings are in camera and you are using auto white balance and auto exposure. You’ll save a lot of hassle, so don’t bother.

You can also try setting your video to a low frame rate (as little, but high enough) if you know that you’re going to be in slow motion. The video will be longer, and the recording will take less time.

As the shutter speeds on your camera increase, you can also decrease the fps value. (This can be more or less than the lowest possible value.)

If you’re using a mobile phone, you might want to choose the highest value possible, like 3 fps or 4 fps. This is because video will be captured at low bitrates and you may want to record everything for a more detailed look.

How to turn off motion blur and make it more detailed

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A useful trick is to lower the number of frames recorded in slow-motion. To do this, select a high frame rate (3 or higher). In the photo below, I’ve been using the highest value, so you’ll see the high frame rate and the low frame rate in the background.

With the above settings, the motion blur on my video has been reduced, making it a bit more detailed.

How to record slow motion video

You’ll find some great applications for using slow motion footage on your videos online. Here, we’ll cover how to create slow motion video using the Canon EOS 1D X Mark II.

How to setup a slow motion video on the 1D X Mark II?

To record slow motion video on a Canon EOS 1D X Mark II with an SD card and a fast shutter speed, follow these steps:

Take a photo of your subject and capture the best possible frame rate. For example, take a picture of your subject, focus on the highlights, and set your ISO to 200 ISO and the shutter speed to 1/60th second. Turn your camera on and open the Video menu. Select Recording > Frame Rate Correction. Change the frame rate to match what you captured (with the appropriate

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