How much should I charge for videography? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques

I’m not interested in a job where I know my price will change from one month to the next. I will only do projects that have a substantial amount of content that we can produce. If you don’t know the cost, ask us and we’ll tell you. If you’re willing to drop $1000 you can shoot the footage you want for less than half of what it would cost to work with a professional for a year.

Can I use any of your cameras? All of our cameras are digital. The only cameras we have not yet worked with are a Canon DSLR and the Fuji X-Series 2i (an older version we couldn’t use since they are not DX-compatible).

Can you shoot any sort of landscape or location shooting? No. We are happy to use any type of landscape or location shooting. However, we do not currently have any landscape or location shoot requirements so for now that’s just for those who are shooting their own content. We do however have several locations in which we shoot multiple days every week.

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