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For example: If I am trying to sell a movie for $15,000 and get it to $5,000 in 2 days, how much should I charge to cover the cost of the camera and accessories? Are there other cost advantages of video production for movies?

I have to ask… “What are your budget considerations… for all you videographers.” How much time, and where do you plan to shoot? How much can you budget for?

I am currently looking for a new home (or business). I am looking for someone to manage and operate my video setup.

My main question is how much money can I expect from my job, and can I charge what I want? I am looking for someone that will take care of all of the above issues for me.

-MVFBA (from Canada).

The video costs do not increase dramatically as the film is developed, shot, and edited.

The only cost increases are for equipment rental and additional equipment used in post-production. I’ll let you draw up your own estimates. The only way to figure out if your budget is reasonable, and will allow you to shoot the best movie possible, is to take it to the local film school…

-Mike E.

-Plymouth, Massachusetts

-Mike E. is a video producer for several companies that need video equipment. He currently has a full-time job. It took him many months to calculate his budget and find the right way to go about accomplishing it. This is something, even a busy student can do. What a great site – Mike!

-Mark P.

-San Francisco, California.

This is such a wonderful site!

Thank you so much for this website!!

-Jenny E.

Mt. Pleasant,

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South Carolina

It would be helpful if the site were linked here as well – for those who cannot come here.

I’m in the business of making videos using my computer.

I’m a bit nervous of the cost side of this business (cost per video production), and looking for help.

For those of us who are interested, we’ve created this website to help us to find the answers we need and to give you some very detailed budgets.

I will provide as much information as possible and make it easy to understand. If you want to find out what exactly your budget will be, just start

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