How much should I charge for videography?

There are no specific rates, but it’s best to get a good understanding of the costs related to videography so you can make more informed decisions. Remember, if you’re using a tripod you likely have to charge for that as well.

Video Production Tips: Tips From 10 Cameras for Editing

5. Editing

To edit or not to edit? Some companies say you should edit, while others say not any edit can change the movie or make the story go away. We’ll let you decide which way you want to go, but here are some of our editing tips from other videographers about how they got their movies edited.

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Here’s some Tips From Cinematographers: Editing Advice from Film Editors

6. Camera Rental

If you intend to rent a digital camera, we offer a few tips regarding the best places to find rentals depending on your budget.

7. How to Get to the Locations

You’re probably going to need to book hotel rooms or a place to stay if you’re going to be shooting at places like the Taj Mahal or Buckingham Palace. Here’s a few tips in what to do.

8. Location Scouting

One thing to remember when booking a location to shoot a movie (whether you’re a videographer or a production crew), is to scout out other locations in your area. Sometimes these places are small and have limited parking. If you can’t find what you need, don’t worry! If you can find it the next time you need to find it—you’ll have one of the most amazing adventures.

9. Tips from Videographers

Here’s some tips from cinematographers from the movies we reviewed:

10. How to Pick a Location

We’ve given you a few suggestions on what to look for when scouting locations. But that’s just a general guide on where to find the best locations. Here’s a general list for the most important things to know when doing some location scouting.

11. What Not to Do

There are some things you should avoid while driving around the locations you’re planning to shoot.

12. Where to Stay during Shooting the Movie

We’re sure some of you have found yourself in a hotel with no room for food. While it’s fine to stay at the hotels you can, in order to have the most effective shoot you should also try to save some money to save on driving expenses. Here’s what to save on your