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Well guess what, not every GPU can play at 4k, or even some GPUs that can play 4k but don’t want to. But all 4k is a different dog. If you have a TV which can play 1080p at 60 frames per second, you aren’t just going to be able to play 4k on an i5, but if a PC can play at a reasonable framerate for 4K, you’re going to be able to play at a 1080p or 4k with the TV, which is something every 1080p display can do. We’re not dealing with people who like to use a laptop, or who can only play video games with the built-in graphics card. All of that is gone. So yes, it does take a different set of hardware and tools to support 4k videos. But it’s not so long ago that all 4k gaming was on a laptop and you had to turn up the sound to get a higher framerate on games like Ryse: Son of Rome.

In fact, the term “gaming PC” only really came about a few years after the launch of modern gaming as we know it. It wasn’t until that point where PC gaming really began to become mainstream on the PC and we’d say it’s been a long evolutionary process from that point. But now it’s the start of what seems like an inevitable leap of leaps in PC software and hardware support.

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Researchers from the University of Bristol have created a device able to monitor how much you sweat and measure its oxygen content. The technique aims to allow people using a device worn in the sweat to check whether it’s getting enough oxygen to the cells it’s stimulating, which could pave the way for other medical technologies that rely on oxygen to detect problems or treatments.

“In this technology we are taking two basic processes – how we feel and how we perceive to a whole new level, and that’s all part of the same process,” says Joanna King, a professor who has worked on the project and who co-led the research. “We’ve created a device that combines the two. It’s a bit like having a blood pressure monitor attached to your skin. Now you can get a much more detailed impression of your blood pressure than can be obtained from a simple reading for a simple measuring method.”

The device monitors sweat temperature, oxygen levels and oxygen uptake by cells and then generates an “oxygen-to

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