Is 5mp same as 4k?

So the camera can have 4k of recording if the batteries die. 5 has a lower bitrate, which is fine.

BTW I was not looking for a 6k but I have 4k now…

I could also see my own home being too bright for a camera like this…

BTW there is no “camera” in the name it’s a “camera module”.

The first day I put it on, the light was really bright and in the dark it could be seen on the LCD display in a good way. I couldn’t read text properly but was able to get photos and videos, and it was really fast.

The second day, the light increased a bit. The second night I noticed that the picture quality had dropped to 4k. I tried to use a flash and it was so bright, it was blinding. It was not as dark as before. The only way I could get my flash working well was to turn off all the lights in the house (except the kitchen lights), then when the light dimmed, I simply pressed a button to turn the light on.

I tried to find a way to increase the power output on the camera, but nothing worked.

My goal was for this to be able to record at high frame rates, but still allow for normal video and photos without using a high bitrate. The 5mp was not enough for my needs, so I had an idea. I bought a Canon G19 and bought a small 5lumen 4″ diagonal reflector to plug to the 5mp. The 5lumen 3″ diagonal reflector is more than enough. I will now be using this, but will be sure to use my other 5″ diagonal reflector if need be. I do use a 12v DC motor to keep the camera steady at 2fps. If you could make a version with a small 15lumen 3″ diagonal reflector just for the camera but not for the flash (or other lights in the house for that matter), I would be happy to buy that camera.

The 2″ Canon reflector is used by Sony, Olympus, Canon, and a few others. It is also sold by other manufacturers to improve the light output of their cameras. It’s a much cheaper option with a smaller reflector, but no way is it as bright as my G19. As a beginner I would rather purchase a much more expensive camera with a much better image than one that you have to