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We’ll get into the pros and cons of GoPro mounts here, but you really need to dig in to your GoPro videos to make sure you have a good connection. That said, when the Mounts first came out almost 10 years ago, most people thought they were just for a couple videos. Today, we’ve found that there are a lot of uses for GoPro Mounts. We’ve tested hundreds of them, and every single one of them works beautifully.

So why do we even need a GoPro Mount?

The main reason is because the best way to get your GoPro camera up in the air and record some videos is with a mount. Most mounts do not have the ability to record video, it’s pretty much left up to the consumer to connect their GoPro to the mount.

It does make it a bit easier to get your camera up, but if you’re trying to capture a good moment, it’s a bit tricky to reach high enough because there isn’t a direct connection. Also, with GoPro’s waterproof cameras the mount has really good sealability which is really helpful. When you are trying to get the camera up high up there’s no room to hang your hands for protection. If you’re hanging in your hand, you’re not getting any video.

Now you have a few more options. You can still connect your camera directly to the mount, but this time it can record audio. This is definitely the better option if you want a good audio connection. You can also buy different types of mounts based on your specific needs, just check out the Mounts page to see what mounts you’ll like the best.

With all of the mount options, there’s a lot more customization involved, but you can do pretty good with just a couple items. And most of these mount options are on sale in our online store, so you don’t have to spend months searching.

Now that we’re in the GoPro Mount space, I’ve got three more questions that I’d like to see you answer:

What’s the difference between a GoPro mount and a GoPro Stabilizing Camera Mount?

First off we want to clarify the difference between a GoPro Stabilizing Camera Mount and a GoPro Mount, because some people are putting them both together. The main difference is one is called as “Gopro Mount” and the other is called as “Gopro Mount” on Amazon or from the GoPro Store site.

Gopro Mount: This is the most

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