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There’s no way around it—but the short answer is no. In order for GoPro to be effective in music videos, it would have to be able to detect “stutters” and “jitter” in the audio waveform—effectively stopping the recording. To make this happen, the company has created a software module called “Dynamic Image Stabilization” or “DISH”.

DISH is a software software that works in harmony with the camera’s onboard mic and microphones to filter out the noise and other unwanted sounds from the video, such as the voice and “nonsense” that tends to pop up during a song. The system uses a sophisticated mathematical algorithm which tries to eliminate all of the distracting factors in audio and image signal transmission, such as the human body, wind, rain, and ambient noise. While you’re still technically recording to camera, the software is only recording at a fixed rate of 24 frames per second. It does not attempt to capture multiple shots at the same time.

This method can be extremely effective if it’s done in the right way; it can even make songs sound more natural or realistic. But the downside to this method is that it also creates a noticeable drop in quality and sound quality of the video, both in visual image and audio quality. So before you decide to use “DISH”, there’s another option: a high-quality “digital stereo” recording function available on the GoPro Hero5 Black Edition.

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What is high-quality digital stereo?

High-quality audio is usually defined as using a high quality recording device. Most people are using their phone for recording and streaming sound, rather than capturing the audio through the lens of a real camera, so the audio file that is captured looks similar to the video shot on the phone. If you want to capture video at the same quality as high-quality audio, you need to upgrade all the parts on your camera.

Since you are recording live, you already need better microphones than you have to record with when you are looking at the video. If you want higher quality recordings, a high-end microphone is the first choice, such as a Koss KSR10D. The KSR10D is an entry-level camera made by Koss, but it offers excellent sound quality at a reasonable price. You should check it out if you’re looking for a high-quality microphone.

You should also consider what kind of audio recorder you have and which ones that will be compatible with your

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