Is GoPro good for music videos?

Yes. But its not the kind of clip you want the audience to follow (or that I need for my YouTube channel). The most recent release was a music video shot in “Hollingworth Falls” for the soundtrack to last year’s indie film of the same name. The video was shot in the back country, but it’s shot so well that it looks like a high-end high-quality video shot by someone that knows about the effects of camera settings.

That’s the kind of video I could make with a GoPro, but because the GoPro has a 3K resolution sensor, the footage is a tiny bit grainy. The quality is worth watching for those who want to get some shots from a long exposure without a lot of hassle, but it wouldn’t be as fun as if it were shot in the wild. (The camera is waterproof so it works great in all kinds of weather.)

I’ve tried out the Gear 360 and the GoPro HERO4 Session. Both work just fine for most of the things I’ve recorded.

With the new GoPro Hero5 Black, the camera has a new and improved 12Mp photo sensor. There are two other new feature: a “Lenses” section that allows you to choose from all sorts of lenses to shoot with the camera, and a dedicated Live Autofocus feature that will automatically focus to an angle by taking snapshots with the camera whenever you shoot with the focus sensor. I’m not sure how useful that is, but it does add a little extra time to everything you shoot, which is nice.

I’ve also tried out the GoPro HERO5 Session and the HERO4 Silver. The difference between the two is how the sensor works. It’s now the same size as the Hero4, but the Hero5 Black still has 2K resolution.

The camera is great. I get great photos (even in bright sunlight!) and it shoots very fast, with very low noise. But I have problems with the video because of all of the other things that bother me:

A lack of stabilization. Every video I’ve seen was shot from a tripod or something (I didn’t see any people using monopods). This means that it’s not always steady.

No WiFi. Even if you use a 4G mobile hotspot, you can’t use Wi-Fi when recording video.

Very limited wireless connections. I could easily record from a 4G hotspot (but not from the cameras themselves) but I could also record