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Towson University will take advantage of an unusual gift to renovate and expand the College Park campus, and make the project as unique as possible when it’s completed and put to use.

The university said it has selected U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to oversee construction after officials had to halt the project because of budget shortfalls.

“We’re fortunate in the Corps of Engineers, in terms of not having an excessive amount of bureaucracy,” said Robert K. Lefkar, Towson’s provost and vice president for development and operations. “For us to be able bring in them as a partner with the building program and the entire campus to go in and put these things together, is a huge gift for us.”

Towson University officials, who have no plans to put the college’s campus under construction until after the football season, have been looking to improve and widen a road leading from its campus to the Cuyahoga River to make the road safer for the students and faculty.

The proposed renovation of a 2,400-square-foot portion of the building would add a second-floor balcony with views of the upper-level main lobby.

The two-story, 125,000-square-foot building — called the East Wing — is one of two on the site with a roof over the East River, as well as a second-floor auditorium.

“It’s something that’s unique and it will add so much to our footprint and to the College Park landscape — we really can’t imagine how special it will be to this community,” said K.J. Johnson, assistant dean of the College Park College of Architecture.

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Construction would use a mixture of state-of-the art and locally sourced materials, as well as a portion of the historic and state-

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