Is it better to record vertical or horizontal? – Where To Look When Recording Video

Vertical recording would record you as high up as possible and it would allow more exposure for the foreground.

You can tell a lot about your frame rate when this ratio is 1:1:1 like this in my first frame from my ‘Eternal’ story project.

(Note: If you do not have the patience to do this the ‘Eternal’ story project can be viewed free as a slideshow on YouTube under YouTube )

So that’s it for this article. If you have any questions or would like even more information about creating high-speed video at high frame rates then have a look at my post on the best DSLR cameras to shoot at high frame rates. If you find anything I’ve missed or advice you’re missing in my article then please let me know and I will make sure to update the post. I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

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