Is it worth buying a video camera? – Dop Course

No one ever thinks about buying one for their car. Well, think about it.

When is good photography worth it? The answer, as is the case with many other considerations, is always yes. You may think that you have bought the best camera you can afford, but in reality, you have only purchased a piece of equipment.

That is, if all you care about is good photography and the ability to record it accurately; but to me, it all goes beyond your camera. It begins with your attention and enthusiasm for a subject, and it leads you down a path to finding what makes you happy by capturing as much quality as you can with each image that you shoot. After all, I can’t help but believe we’ve all been there for just a moment in time.

The camera you bring into the equation has a lot to do with whether you shoot video or stills. With stills, you are shooting at an image that was taken by your camera. And with video? That image may be the raw material used for a film, a still is usually a high quality video shot in post-production. The camera can be your assistant, your travel companion, or your tool for creating and sharing your work.

There are many things to consider when deciding in which direction to use a camera.

A camera in this era

A lot of the decisions have to do with your needs. You may only have one camera or a few, some more than others when it comes to travel. When going into the backcountry, you may have multiple gear and multiple lenses to choose from, which may change how that subject looks in all but the most detailed of cases. Some people, I know, still prefer the simplicity of a point and shoot, even though a digital camera can deliver an amazing image with less effort.

My biggest take-away is to take a few minutes and think about everything that is going to affect your gear placement. Do you want what you need to get the shot? Or do you want to buy a camera that is going to take you to a very different destination?

As I mentioned above, one of the hardest questions to answer is “what is my main use?” It could be taking photos of a trip, taking video of an exciting activity to document its highlights, or to create a short documentary. The choices available only become more narrowed with time, allowing you to really determine what is important to you.

To me, it seems that most

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