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The best way to know is to see for yourself. And if you can’t decide, you might want to have your camera professionally assessed to see if it’s the right product for your needs.

But how do you buy a video camera? I’ll walk you through the steps to selecting a camera and the best ways to use it.

WASHINGTON — A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by two former Obama administration intelligence officials alleging they were “humiliated, humiliated, and forced to retire” based in part on the Obama administration’s refusal to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests and other “strict” subpoenas relating to their communications.

The former officials say they are willing to settle for a relatively soft $10 million but want no money from the Justice Department. Justice Department lawyers have indicated they will not be pursuing the lawsuit after all.

The dismissal of the suit comes one day before the second anniversary of former President Barack Obama leaving office, when the White House is scheduled to send White House Counsel Eric Holder a letter in which it hopes to finally provide answers to the many Freedom of Information Act requests for records related to the president’s family business, the Obama Foundation, that have come to light in recent months.

The two men who filed the lawsuit last year, Michael Morrell of the CIA and Thomas Ruetsche of the National Security Agency, say they believe they were subjected to retaliation by the Obama administration because they worked closely together on foreign surveillance programs.

They say the Obama administration has refused to provide detailed information to them about other documents that they had requested. They also said they are disappointed with the White House’s response to their requests as they are trying to move forward with legal proceedings.

A spokesman for the Justice Department’s Freedom of Information office, Daniel Feldman, said that “we have carefully examined this matter and intend to respond to Mr. Morrell, Mr. Ruetsche, and to the other parties. At this time, we will not be pursuing this matter.”

Feldman added that the Justice Department has been in contact with the office of the chairperson of the Freedom of Information Association, who had contacted the Justice Department’s office of the General Counsel “to discuss possible ways of addressing this matter.”

After the last week being filled with excitement following the arrival of the iPhone 5c, and with the arrival of the iPad mini 2 on October 28, Apple is now set to deliver some more information about the iPhone 5s and 5c, with

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