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When was the last time you could think about what you were going to do after graduating?

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ROME (Reuters) – Italy’s Senate said on Wednesday it would not give a vote on a controversial proposal to expand military power until Italy gets an assurance from the United States that it will keep a strict commitment to NATO.

Democratic Party Senator Luigi Brugnaro (R) chairs the Senate Defence Committee while Republican Party Senator Marco Schenone (3rd L) is at his side during a debate on a bill requiring Italy to meet obligations in NATO and for its armed forces to be ready by 2016, on the second day of the National Assembly in the Italian capital of Rome, November 28, 2013. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

The Senate on Tuesday unanimously backed the draft bill, which would authorize Italy to deploy troops in five countries within 12 months, from September.

“We will only consider such a draft bill once the Senate receives an explanation from the United States about its commitment to NATO,” Senate President Giammán Rosselli said in a statement.

“If a letter is received from America that is clear and unambiguous, and the government approves it, I believe that by next year the United States will be in a position to confirm its commitment to Italy”.

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has said NATO is obsolete, arguing it does not have the money to adequately defend its members.

The Senate has been on brink of a crisis for months as some members of it become disaffected by the centrist bloc’s pro-business policies and by Italy’s failure to meet its European Union and NATO commitments.

“As of today we’re only waiting for the president, who has been elected, to put his hands on the issue,” Liberal senator Raffaele Ammonia told reporters, dismissing fears that a majority of the Senate could derail the bill.

In January, the majority of the Senate narrowly voted to reject a draft treaty that Italy would have to ratify for the military exercise to take place in 2018.

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The government at the time said it had “a very important conversation” with the United States with regards to how to proceed with the exercises in September and December.

The city council had approved a new city code for homeless camps by August 2012 in anticipation of the passage of a new

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