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What’s a good video editing workflow? Find out in this interview with the director of the award-winning film, “I, Robot”.

How do you choose the right software for you? Find out in this informative and entertaining Q&A with Brian Halloran, the founder of and a specialist in 3D video editing.

The National Rifle Association is once again using Washington, D.C. as part of its political strategy to push back against Hillary Clinton’s support for stricter gun control laws.

The NRA announced on Monday that it’s spending at least $25,000 in TV advertising in the District through the end of the week as part of an effort to block the District from enacting stricter gun laws.

“In the wake of the Orlando nightclub tragedy, we heard it time and again – ‘There are no good, strong women in the White House,'” the NRA said in a statement about the ad buy. “Hillary Clinton has demonstrated, not only her support for the Second Amendment, but her willingness to do what is necessary to ensure it remains the right of Americans to protect themselves and those around them. With the death of a young mother at the hands of a deranged young man, we are going to need more than just a new president to restore law and order to our society – we need to have an active and strong leader that values our Second Amendment as the core of who we are.”

The ad comes as Hillary Clinton is in the midst of a new round of gun control rhetoric in the wake of the Orlando shooting.

“I’m gonna work on it,” the Democratic presidential hopeful said earlier last week on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I’ll tell you what Hillary is going to do. So you can rest easy, because she’s gonna do exactly what I’m gonna do. She’s going to act on all our recommendations. That is what the NRA has been saying and Hillary’s standing right up there ready to do the same.”

Clinton called for a ban on high-capacity gun magazines, more background checks for gun buyers and mandatory training on gun safety measures at home.

In the wake of the Orlando shooting on Sunday, Clinton also said she will be introducing legislation calling for greater protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

What do the most iconic and influential artists of the last 50 years have in common? They’re obsessed with a book: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and The Beatles. In fact,

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