What app plays music during a video?

On a big phone or big tablet, this happens fairly often, whether it’s a news video, a YouTube video, a game video or just about any other video with music in it.

If you’re playing some music, you may want to put up a filter:

On the playback screen: Check the play count

On the notification screen: Check the music played to this song

On the screen that says: “Your music is playing automatically. When you want to play any of your music, double-tap the music button in your phone’s home screen.”

How do I get rid of the pop-up?

If the notification is a text message, click the icon and you can clear the notification.

On a computer, turn off the Pop-up notifications and then go to the Android settings. Select “Notifications” and scroll down to “Notification popups.” Uncheck “Show pop-up in all apps.”

If you’re using the notification app, if you see a pop-up notification that has icons for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, press the button on your phone’s notification, tap the box next to “Enable,” then tap the back button to go back to the pop-up notification. This may work if you don’t want to see the notification, but there’s a better way.

If you’re using a notification app, go back to the Android settings and turn on “Enable pop-up notifications” in the notifications section.

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Does that disable the “Like” button?

Yes. That’s the one that lets you like an app or video. If you want to like something else, tap the app or video and you’ll see that “Like” button.

How do I remove the notification with an arrow icon?

See “Is there something you really want to change on your notification.”

When I tap on the “Like” button, there’s a small square, with a dot, underneath it. Why aren’t these lines black?

If you tap “Like,” the square will be black, because it’s not an iOS widget. So how many people can see the message? The default is one.

Is there a way to un-hide the arrow icon?

Yes. Tap the arrows, either at the top or the bottom of the notification. Tap the “Un-hide” icon to bring up the un-hide dialog box