What app plays music during a video?

How much time does it take to switch from video to music in your TV setup? How many different things can I try while watching a movie? How much bandwidth does my Internet plan use?

Our mission is to provide real answers to those questions and more, and we think there’s a lot more information to be gleaned from the new Google Home Mini:

The mini’s hardware is significantly smaller than that of the larger Google Home Mini, making it incredibly easy to hold on to while watching videos without much difficulty. The Mini is about 2.5″ smaller, but still much thinner than its larger sibling. It’s also lighter; with the larger Google Home Mini, the Mini weighs in at less than three ounces, compared with 5.5 ounces for the mini.

Because the Google Home Mini has a single button rather than the other way around, the Google Assistant, which is built right into the device with a microphone and speaker, is also more easily connected. It can be used to control a wide variety of connected devices, from lights to remote controls, and it’s always accessible whether plugged into a wall socket or networked to another device.

Like the larger device, the mini does a great job listening for specific sounds. It can automatically detect whether a remote control, for example, is on its bottom or side and will turn it on or off with minimal interaction. (Just press the Home button and the mini’s face will switch between listening and interacting with the remote.)

There’s also a feature that, if you have an older Android device with the Play Store, can take advantage of the Amazon Echo speaker and Google Home app. The Mini will also support more audio streaming products—like Pandora and Spotify—through the Google Home app or third-party apps.

Here’s a quick demo of how the Google Home mini can be used:

We also found that the mini’s remote can control pretty much every device that the Google Home is connected to, including TVs, radios (including Bluetooth and NFC radios), refrigerators, washing machines, and washing machines with the built-in soundbar. We tried a wide range of connected devices, including Bluetooth headphones, smart TVs and other accessories, and the device was able to control and manage a variety of devices. When it’s connected to a TV, the Mini will allow you to control it through an app directly with a few taps or one click instead of having to take your phone out of your pocket while watching television.

One feature that