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The most common ones are these ‘Dry View Light’ type. This is a very simple light that you put onto your drywall, it shows up right where there aren’t any other other lights. That means, you see a bit of light right there. These kind of lights are easy to use as there aren’t that many of them out there.

For those of you that want to try and build your own light, here are some more info about how to do so.

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How to Make Your Own Dry View Light

1. Find some drywall in your home. This is typically in the crawl space or in your basement, but you can find it online or you can try asking someone who lives in your house and they might know of it.

2. Lay out some thin strips of foam insulation (or whatever material you want) and lay these down along the drywall and you want the dry wall to reflect light in like a window, so you want the light in the same direction as the beam that is coming from the drywall.

3. Turn your drywall on so that its the same colour as the light you want. This will make sure you are getting correct coloured light. If you are looking at this, you can almost see a flash coming out of the drywall.

4. When you find your beam, try and focus on where you are looking for like the drywall in the picture. The drywall should be the same colour as the beam. If you go for it and you get a blue beam from your light then your light is also in the right color. It also helps if the beam is right next to an window, or a window that is bright enough for the beam to shine through.

You will also notice that, when you do your beam, it’s kind of like light going from the far right corner to the far left, it’s kind of similar to the light that your lamp can produce.

5. You now just need to place this light on your drywall and just make sure it is facing the wall/floor at the same level as your beam. That is the best thing possible is for it to reflect light in the same direction as your beam on the drywall.

6. The drywall is going to make it easier for the light to reflect in the same direction, so you are going to want to find a light that goes in the opposite direction of what your drywall needs. For example

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