What camera do YouTubers use? – How To Film Yourself With A Phone

In general, most YouTube channel owners and video creators use GoPro cameras, with the notable exception of some famous ones—like PewDiePie and PewDiePie’s girlfriend. But how to decide how to prioritize your video production, when you don’t have any fancy gear?

Here’s a quick guide as to how to choose the right camera that will fit your needs, based on your specific needs and goals:

To learn more about camera selection, check out this GoPro video tutorial.

1. Use a tripod

It seems that every video creator gets into trouble with their gear choice when filming a concert — and when filming video of a concert, it’s very difficult to make sure both your camera and your tripod stay upright. And if your tripod gets knocked over as you’re recording, then your footage gets very shaky and can be hard to understand.

There are a few tips to making sure the tripod stay upright, though:

Make sure your tripod is sturdy and has sturdy feet, so that you can lift your camera off of the ground without having to worry too much about your camera. Also, if the legs of your camera are made of wood or plastic, then you can make sure the legs are sturdy enough so you have to stand up to use it while you’re filming.

Another tip is to use something to hold the camera so that when you are using the tripod, the camera doesn’t get knocked back. Something to hold the camera as well, as you’re using it, is also a necessary part.

2. Make sure your tripod legs are long enough

Tripods have a tendency to break off during filming. If your tripod legs are not long enough, then you end up having to rely on your hands or your arm to hold your camera. Also, if your tripod legs get hit by a rock, you’re likely to lose your tripod altogether.

3. Use a tripod holder with enough support

To protect your camera from impact, you need something to keep the camera in place while holding it on a flat surface with a tripod. An extra strong support is a necessity for any mobile camera.
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4. Put a tripod to a higher level on the wall (on a flat surface at least)

If you have a wall that is at least 12″ away from your camera, then, by all means, you need to put a tripod, or a camera stand, on the wall. It’s much easier to hold your camera

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