What cameras do they use in movies?

The answer to that question might be a surprise to some people, but not to Warner Bros. A number of current and former filmmakers have revealed their filmmaking methods in a recent issue of Filmmaker. Filmmaker founder and editor Kevin Smith, whose own films have spanned different genres, has talked about using a GoPro for every take. “I wanted to try some new technology, to be honest, to see if I could create a sense of freedom,” Smith told Filmmaker. “This is where GoPro came in. I’ve always been fascinated with it because I think a lot of my early films were all on a boat, so this was my escape. And to see [the footage] back, it’s like watching a little kid in the back yard. And that’s what it’s all about.”

Smith, whose studio and his wife own the studio as well, decided to start out shooting on a single Nikon DSLR, before changing to the GoPro camera for the next two films. “He [Smith] kind of had the Nikon with his GoPro so he could go through the back. It was always a camera he had around,” one producer told Filmmaker. “As I was going to conventions and stuff, then I started seeing it more.”

Smith’s next directorial film was 2013’s Man Back From the Dead, which filmed primarily on GoPro. “We shot it with a GoPro on,” he said to Filmmaker. “It was my camera.” The documentary is still not out, which he told USA Today in 2015.

A longtime fan of GoPro, James Cameron used the device for The Abyss of the Eye and The Wall. However, the film’s marketing was largely aimed at using it in the film’s final scenes.

Some filmmakers who have used film cameras on their movies include director Richard Linklater, who used his Sony A6500, along with two Canon 7D camera bodies in his short film Waiting For Superman. One director who has used a number of different GoPro cameras in his films, including the first two Avatar films, is Edgar Wright, who currently has two sets of cameras. The second-highest user of filming gear in each movie is Joe and Anthony Russo, with a large number of GoPro cameras filming the two Avengers films so far.

Who are the top filmmakers using film cameras? The top spot? There is a surprise here too, with The Last Witch Hunter director, Joss Whedon in the third spot. However, he is clearly one of a