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Most of the best video editors use some sort of workflow. Some work in post production, others use a tool like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X, and others use a combination of both. These workflow choices don’t guarantee professional editing quality, but you’ll find that it allows you to do some really great creative work faster and better.

A professional video editor will have an arsenal of video production tools at their disposal and that arsenal will vary depending on the task at hand. The video editor who uses Premiere or Final Cut Pro X will have access to a number of pre-made presets that can be applied to the work in the edit suite – this tool set allows the professional video editor to start from the beginning again on a project of any size, no matter how big the final product may be.

Editing software should have a variety of preset options to help you achieve any desired editorial vision. One of my favorite presets uses Adobe Premiere Lightroom to turn any image into a slick production ready video in just a few quick steps. Other editors may choose to use their favorite editors for their video editing needs when editing a commercial or educational video, even an HD video. Most editors will want to use Adobe Dreamweaver for their basic video editing duties.

The workflow shown above will be used in the video below – the video includes a brief overview of how this workflow works along with video footage shot using the same workflow shown here to prove and show the work.

Let Me Show You How to Make a Great YouTube Video

I’ll be the first to admit that there are many ways an individual video edit can play out. Some editors may be more inclined to use short and crisp video clips for their projects, while others may like to use video that’s longer and more animated.

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This post will show you some of the ways in which these creative decisions can come together. I’ll show you a way of creating a short video that’s visually interesting and that’s easy to edit. I’ll include some of the steps you’ll need to follow to turn your video clip into a professional-quality video. If your video clip was shot with a camera too small for its lenses – try shooting it with a bigger-than-1.2-inch DSLR camera – you may find this method much easier to apply. You’ll not only increase the amount of video footage you can manipulate into a video edit, but you can create a polished and pleasing video that you can share with a professional.

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