What is a good video camera for beginners?

I don’t know – I’m not an amazing photographer (that’s a great advantage in this field though). I am using this as my entry into the photography industry so you can see where this camera is going, but there’s a few important points I’d like to share. You have the opportunity to start right now. Start shooting, learn some tricks and learn how to use these in order to have fun and bring you money. If you’ve had similar experience in photography you should be able to help to put this system to good use.

Video Camera vs DSLR: Which One to Buy?

There are definitely pros and cones to each. Video cameras are built around having a big sensor and a small battery. The video quality is generally superior as well as compact and lightweight. However, these cameras only have one small slot in them so if you’re a heavy photographer this is going to make you a bit uncomfortable (it still won’t be the worst idea to just take DSLR cameras instead).


Lenses come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so there is a lot of choice when it comes to buying lenses and cameras. There are plenty of online sites with all kinds of options so you can be sure you’ll be choosing the right lens when buying a video camera. You’ll have to choose the one that meets your needs. I prefer not to spend alot on lenses when buying a camera. There are plenty of options when it comes to video production without having to spend a fortune. You may need one lens for video but if you decide you don’t need it there are plenty of good options.

What Type of Camera Should You Get?

If you are someone who has gone through many different cameras (even years of experience with DSLR systems) you will be able to judge each and every camera and have an idea of what your needs are and what you like to do most in this field of photography. This will greatly help you choose the right camera for your own personal situation.

Choosing a Camera System

If you’re starting out as an amateur video cameraman then you’ll find it easier to pick a camera system based upon what you need than if you are already a professional video cameraman. A lot of novice videographers will simply choose to buy a DSLR because their system is the one that works for them.

Some of my favorite camera combinations for beginners are:
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