What is a selfie ring light? – How To Film Yourself With A Phone

The selfie ring light is essentially a flashlight, but mounted on the end of a selfie stick. The selfie stick itself is a small, plastic ring with a flexible handle on its end, while the flash is held in place by an included clip with a spring to tighten it. The GoPro camera lens can be used to view a selfie on the top of the selfie stick, with the flash mounted directly to the stick. Once the selfie has been taken, a small LED light is inserted into the ring with a magnet to help locate the light.

The flash is mounted on the end of a selfie stick

Pros and Cons of a selfie ring light

Pros of the selfie ring light

The selfie ring light is the size of an ordinary selfie stick and can be clipped onto the selfie stick at any desired angle.

The selfie stick is not too flimsy, and fits into a selfie stick hole.

The selfie stick can be used to view a selfie from the top.

The selfie stick is flexible, and can fit through a selfie stick hole if one is needed.

The selfie stick is lightweight and light weight, which means you can carry the selfie ring light more easily than an ordinary selfie stick, and with the photo flash attached, you can easily capture a light selfie.

Cons of the selfie ring light

The selfie stick is too flimsy, but could probably hold up better to everyday wear and tear than a regular selfie stick.

However, these benefits could be sacrificed by the fact that you will not be able to view the selfie with the flash at the same time as another person – making it a less desirable alternative.

The selfie stick will be too thin to hold up to much use, and will also be much heavier than the selfie ring light.


The selfie ring light is a relatively new invention on the market, and may not be that popular as it may have originally appeared.

We think that it is worth looking at it to get an insight into the technology behind it, and will hopefully look to have a look at it again in the future. For now, though, the selfie ring light is only worth looking at if you’re not comfortable using standard selfie rings.

It’s also worth noting that the selfie stick that you get with your purchase is a plastic one, which is more likely to break if you’re using it.

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