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It always comes down to cost. What are the budget points? What are the limits of the budget and the budget points in relation to the budget? What are the other things, like the production plan and crew, etc.? Those are all different things that you have to work on to make sure they work within those constraints. One thing I would look for in a camera would be a tripod and a stand. You’re not going to get a lot of flexibility of movement and movement needs to be the same as you would in a tripod. The camera’s going to be on the ground. So if a camera is using an electronic stabilizer, whether that electronic stabilizer is electronic or non electronic… if it’s an electronic stabilizer, it’s going to be mounted on the ground, and that’s got to be the case. That’s the one thing you’re going to want to look at.
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What is the right workflow for editing?

There are a couple different ways to do things in a story. You’re going to do things according to what your story says, with the story telling itself being, as you say, a metaphor. You’re going to look at the story, the pacing of it, and the length of the story itself, and whether it works in your version of it. What do I want in my story? Does it fit within a certain time period? Are there specific moments in there where you want to see how that person reacts? Those are the things that go into it.

Do I want to have an effect on it? Does it fit within a framework? Does it fit within your vision? Those are things you have to be able to do and they’re hard, and they take a long time, and they require your attention if you’re not doing them correctly. What’s really important in the whole process of taking a cut, and having a camera in place and everything, is your concentration, your attention. You want to have the focus and the attention to have, for the right moment.

There was a scene of a character walking by and he’s going to look at the thing. He goes, you know, is it something that is important? He says, no it’s not important. It’s not important enough. Is it something you want to happen? Does it matter? And is it important enough? It’s something you’re going to work on a lot.

Do you do interviews like that while editing?

Yeah, absolutely.

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