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If you’re looking for a great beginner camera for beginners then the Nikon D800 is the right choice. It’s built like a tank, has solid build and the quality and features you can expect along with high image quality will make it a winner. You’ll also look fantastic with your first DSLR. The D800 is a true “one stop wonder” that will impress you with its performance, size and feel. If you don’t have money for a Nikon and not for the D800, a camera like the Nikon 300 has enough performance to suit anyone.

How is the Nikon D800 different from the Nikon 300?

A DSLR is a specialized camera. It has very specific features which a video camera doesn’t include. A video camera with a good price is a winner, so we expect the difference between Nikon D800 and Nikon 300 to be negligible. Both the D800 and 300 are priced pretty well with very good sales numbers making them worth your consideration.

Do I need a new camera?

It’s very unlikely that you will need a new camera, though it is possible if you want a camera just for the fun and don’t require video functions.

Is there anything wrong with the Nikon D800?

The Nikon D800 is very fast, sharp and very capable. Most importantly it has great image quality along with good quality performance. If you have some extra cash and want a camera for more than what you need then you’ll want to look at the Nikon D300, an excellent camera available for around the price of the Nikon D800. If you want to go all out then the Nikon 300 is the way to go. Although there is some software to keep you going it is a camera you should own and keep until you use it properly or for some years.

Will it fit in my car?

If you choose the Nikon 300 then you will only need a full frame sensor. If you choose the D800 you will need a full frame sensor only. If you want an adapter then you could consider the Panasonic 14mm (or 17) or 16mm. If you don’t mind moving the body to another car then we recommend the Panasonic 30mm f/2.8 or 35mm f/1.8.

How wide do I need the Nikon D800?

Wide lenses such as 50mm or 90mm are good for landscapes and can put very deep shadows on the subject. Wide angle lenses like 18mm are great for portraits

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