What is the longest music video?

I’m pretty sure this was the longest music video on YouTube, which seems like a silly question considering the fact that it’s such a large hit. The song that appears in the video is actually called In My Feelings, and it took around 8 months to create. Here’s the official version:


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In his new novel “The Black Dahlia,” Joe Haldeman imagines a future in which crime is illegal and everyone has cell phones. Haldeman, a veteran writer who’s also a consultant on crime and homeland security, is writing a novel after more than 10 years at the FBI, his life cut short the night of September 11, 2001, when terrorists crashed planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. On a chilly spring night, he stumbles across two young men, and immediately suspects they’re part of an al-Qaeda cell plotting to blow up the towers.

When the men show no signs of being terrorists, Haldeman sends the men on their way — knowing that when another one of those terrorists does strike, everyone in New York will be forced to react. And so begins a series of increasingly frantic days, as citizens and local police are drawn into a never-ending, all-out conflict.

Haldeman tells NPR’s Robert Siegel that “the stakes for New York have never been higher.” In addition to the 9/11 attacks, the FBI had been in negotiations in the weeks and months following the attacks with terrorist leaders in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia. These talks were aimed at ending the Yemeni war and bringing stability and stability to Pakistan’s Baluchistan Province, where al Qaeda had been holding out. It was to be a victory for all these countries. It