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8 minutes. This was probably shot out of a car in Texas or Florida, so it’s long. The video starts with the same music that was used in one of our original episodes “Making of the Unboxing Sequence”, “Turtle Island”. The video opens in black and white, with an open-field shot, with a guy walking away from a house. The music swells as he walks towards the house. It ends when the camera switches to a close-up on a bird in the distance.

Can a man survive the journey from Earth to Starbreeze’s game?

We’re not entirely sure if you can. There’s only one character who survives the Journey from Earth to Starbreeze’s game, but even if you can survive the journey, odds are you’re never going to get out of it.

The Journey in a nutshell?

The Journey takes place in Earth in the year 1123, a couple of months after the last Starbreeze Studios game Starbound released, which released in 2015. The game takes the player on a journey to uncover the origin of the Unwound, a supernatural evil power that has the power to create any object out of thin air. Using the Unwound power, you’ll eventually be able to control it and fight off hordes of Unwound.
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In order to do that, the game requires players to unlock six items that players need to gather. One of them is a device called the “Unwound Orb” which allows the player access to the mysterious power. All that’s left is for you to figure out how to acquire all the Unwound items.

Is there a point system for the journeys?

There is not a point system for the journeys, which makes sense considering that Starbound is only supposed to be an “exploration” type of game. Instead, Starbreeze has decided to allow players to go anywhere they want on their Journey.

In fact, every once in a while, Starbound will ask the player to make an agreement with any other player that they will follow their Journey. The deals are more like a “how many points will I keep if you keep the map in your inventory?” kind of deal since sometimes there are no points to keep, but it definitely gives some players new avenues to explore.

Do you think there will be a version of Starbound where you can just make a save file, upload it, and play it

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