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The first episode of an experimental TV drama show on BBC One called The Secret Life of Pigeons, which has been dubbed the “next Channel 4 drama” or the “next Netflix drama” could be the most expensive television ever made.

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It has been ordered by the BBC, and has a budget of £15 million, although it is not yet known when the drama will premiere. But its potential price tag is likely to drive its huge popularity among British viewers.

What viewers may not realise is that the series would be just the first episode in a massive television series, in which the story is slowly developed at a rate of one episode an year. When those episodes are made available for people to watch, they will be watched by millions, and many are expected to start paying for premium or free streaming services. The BBC is planning to make a full series of about 100 in-production episodes.

The series is set in a “post-apocalyptic” world where humans have been driven underground, and the only people living in the open air are pigeons. Their relationship is a relationship of equality but it is a relationship that is also violent, as pigeons attack and murder humans. The BBC had a long-term agreement to broadcast the series in the UK, and The Pigeons has won eight Emmys and numerous other accolades.

The BBC has created a new show called The Night Manager about an ordinary woman who is suddenly thrown into super-heroic roles, starring Matthew MacFadyen, but so far it has received little critical praise.

Another BBC television programme, also called The Secret Life of Pigeons, is produced by BBC Worldwide’s TV production division. The series will be developed in collaboration with the “world-class production experts at Studio 4,” said a statement from BBC TV.

“The Secret Life of Pigeons” is the first of a trio of series aimed at a younger audience, and while the price tag is high, it is likely to be more affordable than The Night Manager. BBC Worldwide, a division of BBC, produces British content.

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