What is the most expensive music video?

The most expensive video that I’ve ever sold on eBay is “The Great Gatsby,” by Adele. If people are curious, I can go through all of my auctions and see every single album. It’s a lot of fun to be able to compare which album I’ve sold the most – and it’s not a lot of fun to sell them all. I have a hard time keeping track of them, because they’re all so expensive. My auction record is going to be about $1,700,000. Maybe $1 million, maybe $2 million.

What is your biggest regret from the music industry?

I don’t have any regrets at all. I really, really love this whole thing. If I didn’t have the band, if music weren’t what it is today, I’d be living a very different life today. I’d be in the big city, having a super easy life. I’d be having a great career.

I don’t regret anything. I look back on it now and I wish I had more time for myself.

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Do you regret anything now?

I do regret being on the road for so long a time. It was a nice time to make a living, but that was just the end of a cycle. I don’t regret anything, really. I look back on it now and I wish I had more time for myself.

Do you feel any more like John Goodman on the road or more like him than when you first started?

He was a weirdo because even he was a little bit crazy. I didn’t have the luxury of time to be really around him or help him out with his music business. I was just living my life. At that time, he didn’t have his own record label, but he played the music in concert and I was his tour manager – you know the same stuff – so I would go over there on tour and play, and he would just be in an apartment at the time.

What’s he like now?

He’s a very sweet guy – very mellow. Like the whole time, he lived very much like we were a punk band. He didn’t do any drugs. The first time I met him at a local show in New York, I thought he was a really funny guy. Then we got into a drug situation – one night he said he was going to start making heroin, and I just thought, “Dude, are you