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The saddest album is when no one likes anything they did. You will never find me listening to songs I put on repeat. There is someone out there that listens to this shit and it hurts. I’m a fan. You either become a fan like me, or you become a fan like me and don’t listen to what I say. That said, I am also a fan of your music and your fanbase as a whole, so I am sorry if I did not show my fandom on record. I apologize, and as for the rest, we’ll see.

Who are your idols and what did your idols do to influence your style?

Ji-Kyu (Kendrick Lamar) He introduced me to a lot of music. He introduced me to a whole lot of music and I’m just a fan of people that I look up to and listen to.

You’ve been working in New York a lot. What kind of New York music culture do you like?

Sophie (Sam Smith) She just opened for Beyoncé at Gramaphone. They went to dinner one night and they talked about their friendship.

We’ve seen you around a lot. What do you have planned for the rest of your tour?

We’ll see. We had an opening slot at last night. We’re still in New York. We’re at the Forum. We’re going to see a bunch of artists.
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If you were to make a movie what would be your advice for aspiring filmmakers?

I always tell people to be themselves. I just don’t want to see kids going to school and acting like an idiot, and have to grow out of it. Just keep your life and your career that way. Don’t take advice from anyone else or any company you’ve ever been with because those aren’t advice. They are the only ones you can rely on.

Where do you think music is right now?

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with it. When people ask me what’s right about music I tell them, ‘Don’t be afraid to be yourself’. I don’t think anyone else cares about any of that. It’s easy to be yourself and be in a position to speak up.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don’t have a plan. I’m gonna be myself. That’s where my heart is, is in myself. It’s still there. And I’m open to whatever

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