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So you’ll have a lot to test before you finally arrive at a “true” answer.

The “best” camera for an event that features a single projector, like weddings, can be difficult to nail down. That’s particularly true for the 4K 60fps cameras that we’ve covered. For those of you without a tripod in the picture above, the tripod is not required.

If your event is multi-camera (such as the upcoming wedding of the year), you can make a 4K 60fps camera without using an electronic shutter. Or as we like to say, “you’re welcome, baby”.

The most important factor is the amount of light being projected on the stage from the projector-light.

When photographing the 4K 60fps camera without electronics, only the ambient light can be seen by the camera – making the images blurry. But remember the lens must be capable of shooting at either 120 or 120fps. So if you shoot in 120fps, you need the right lens for such an event.

In fact, all 4K 60fps cameras are “compatible” with 120fps cameras, but only in one specific capacity. The cameras simply can’t shoot in 120fps (though there are exceptions).

So the question is – do you need mechanical or electronic shutter? There is no question there is much debate as to which is better.

How to Shoot in 4K 60fps

As most of you probably know, the 4K 60fps format is a format that doesn’t need a separate lens. But does it need electronic shutter to get an image at 60fps?

The 4K 60fps format offers more than just the possibility of shooting at 60fps. The images are much sharper, and the image processing is much faster than if no shutter is being used.

In addition, all a camera needs is 4K 60fps and its own lens to take full advantage of 4K 60fps. So without electronics, the 4K 60fps camera is truly silent.

In addition, the 4K 60fps format can shoot in 120fps if the light is projected directly onto the back of the lens. That means a camera at 120fps can shoot 120fps-quality videos and you are still only using electrical gear to make them.

The 4K 60fps format has a range of options. The first is to set the shutter speed in seconds. This works best with the Canon EOS 7D and Canon E

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