Which camera is best for video shooting? – Videography Tutorial

If you choose to use a DSLR, you will generally only get one camera available in a video camera package. For most scenarios, this means the Canon C300, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon X300 Mark II, and Canon XF40. These all do extremely well for video, and offer excellent versatility and low-cost cost-effectiveness.

If you want the most versatility and inexpensive price, look for a Micro 4/3 for those times where a little extra space is needed, but can’t take all the accessories that come with a DSLR. The Canon 70D and Canon 5D MKII offer all the features of the other two cameras listed above.

What is the difference between a video and still camera?

For most photography, a video camera does better than a still one, since they are essentially the same. However, video cameras do sometimes perform better at shooting at lower shutter speeds. The higher the shutter speeds needed, the higher the noise that has to be suppressed and, therefore, the more of a performance drop you will experience. This is one reason why using high-ISO video cameras has not been recommended for the majority of the time, but the advantage they offer over DSLRs is often worth the tradeoff.

Do you need a tripod?

There is not an absolute right or wrong answer to this, but generally speaking, one should always get one. A good tripod will minimize movement and vibration. If you are going to shoot a slow action/moving subject with a DSLR, you want as much stability as you can get. If you want to shoot long moving subjects in motion at faster shutter speeds, a tripod is very helpful.

Can you use my DSLR without a tripod?

There are some situations when you can do this, but the vast majority are not going to be successful. Even if you can, it may be a good idea to use a tripod during moving subjects in an action sequence. If you are still going to have to use a tripod, it may be a good idea to either purchase an auto focus system like one of these, or simply use your phone as a flash head instead. If you are going to use the auto focus system, get the Canon EF 50-ISO flash adapter, and if you want to use your phone, then it is probably a good idea to use a Canon DSLR body as a flash.

You can also use a camera strap and a wrist strap if you

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