Which ring light do YouTubers use? – What Makes A Good Videographer

This is a pretty great question. I’ll give you a little insight on what I look for in a video, in case you can’t seem to figure it out on your own.

I do know that, sometimes, what YouTube has to offer is a bit lacking in polish and presentation. And sometimes, how they frame a video is completely unnecessary and it can leave your audience feeling unfulfilled or disconnected. And I know you can say you’re getting a very good service from them as you can get a great audio quality from your videos and get video promotion on Youtube and Twitter, all without putting up ads!

So what I look for is:

In-depth, thoughtful dialogue. I like videos that allow me a good overview of what it’s like to record from start to finish as well as a lot of background. (I’m a big fan of talking about things like your experience as well as your personal interests or life-paths.)

If I don’t think I’ll be satisfied right away with a full-length video, I’ll cut videos into discrete segments for different purposes or as a one-and-done feature.

I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes that I want to right in my videos because I know these things will make the editing process simpler later on. And to be transparent, even I’ve made a lot of mistakes…

I know these things will make the editing process simpler later on. And to be transparent, even I’ve made a lot of mistakes… My videos aren’t just a way to tell a story, they’re a way to communicate about them and to convey a sentiment. I don’t want to be limited to just telling an emotional story, I want to be able to talk about something like philosophy, psychology, history, spirituality, religion, or anything else, in an entertaining way that’s also informative and interesting.

These are very hard things to know that you need to watch someone’s video! But, my personal best, most personal experiences come from these videos and the experience I get out of them makes my life better.

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