Are old violins valuable?

I don’t know. You can make an argument for this, but there are so many other things that go into a great violin and it makes it more worth buying. An old violin is a great investment, but it’s not what’s going to make it a great piece of art.

If you have a great violin, don’t sell it without the right financing.

After a tough day of practice, the New York Giants started their preparation for the New Orleans Saints game in Houston on Monday afternoon. The starting linebackers, David Baas and Johnathan Hankins, were not available to the media.

Baas was out due to a concussion, Hankins was with the team for one practice, and Hankins would not be available for Monday’s practice report. However, the veteran linebacker has made it known he wants to return.

“Just like I went through the offseason I want to get out there for a second,” Baas said to reporters. “I’ve got to go out there, let them know I’m ready. If I’m not back, I will be a huge miss.”

Hankins will have the day off due to shoulder soreness.

Briefly after practice, Baas took part in the media portion of the day. During a brief question-and-answer session, Baas also seemed to be upset at being passed over for a roster spot on the Giants’ roster. Baas has started in all 12 games for the Giants the last two years and can be an advantage for what the Giants have in their linebacking corps. However, the Giants still need to find a place for Hankins on their roster considering his salary and experience.

SALEM — For a full year, Oregon legislators have tried to pass a bill that would require employers to provide affordable health insurance for their employees, but the General Assembly is holding firm on the idea that the nation’s fourth-largest economy would be better served if every company in Oregon and Washington, D.C., were required to offer health insurance — at least for the purposes of health care.

For months after the passage of the federal Affordable Care Act last year, Republicans and Democrats — including Senate President John Kitzhaber, R-Sherman, the governor — sparred over what to provide to the nearly 30,000 state workers who are required to have health insurance. Republicans said it would be better for Oregon, while Senate Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Seattle, argued it wouldn’t be.