Can a 3 year old play violin?

I think it’s fair to state that everyone is a little younger than 3 in their teenage years. I believe it’s safe to say that most children are not ready to make the leap from playing the violin to actually playing the clarinet or any other kind of instrument.

If you have someone who is 3, then you should find a time when they don’t like playing in a concert hall and give them their own room for a month. It’s also worth putting them in a room with a few other 3 year olds who also hate playing in the concert hall. They will probably spend a lot of time playing the harmonica, trombone and any other odd instruments that no one wants to play.

A lot of 3 year old’s are also interested in performing and it’s usually very exciting. When they aren’t in their bedroom they are playing in front of a live audience at an event or on stage. It’s also great for your child to try out new instruments and they will learn much more quickly to perform well using such instruments.

If you think that you need to bring a 3 year old out to an event, there is actually quite a wide range of places to play with your little one at that age, but here are the ones that are generally recommended.

The Strings and Violins Section of the Museum of Children

This is a small venue close to the main gallery of the Museum. Children will also be able to observe the performance from a window seat or balcony. They won’t be able to see the performance itself, however, and most of the time only hear one instrument or even a few instruments that are played.

The Children’s Theatre

This is another small venue but some of their most talented and beautiful children will be playing here, while in a smaller room they have their own stage, and can see the play from a more distant view. There are also other venues open to the children when they attend this venue, however. It depends on what is available on that day.

The Museum of Music

You will notice above that the Museum of Music has the option to play when the children are not playing so the venue of your choice is definitely worth checking out. The children can sit on the top tier of the gallery during performances, and are in an audience area with a variety of instruments and the performer. It’s a great place for children to observe and also have fun with.

The Mummy’s Garden

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