Can adults learn violin? – How To Learn 10 000 Reasons Piano At Home

Absolutely. But only if parents are ready to show them the skill in a practical way.

“If you have a good teacher, go to their practices,” Gossler notes. “If you don’t [a parent] will come and tutor you. It is very important that the parents be well-versed in the violin and in the right way to help with the learning process.”

Gossler’s suggestions to parents:

• Explain that learning violin is about practice.

• Explain how the violin is a very specific instrument that helps to develop specific skills. Explain that it’s not like piano, for example, or even like guitar.

• Explain what you have to do on your own at home to help your child learn. You will need to do some learning in your own time.

• Be as persistent and enthusiastic as your child, which means show up and do whatever it takes to help your child learn.

After a few months with your child practicing on their own with their parents, ask them to go to their teachers or a teacher with at least 10 weeks of experience. If there is someone who is highly successful, you can add that person to your parent’s list.

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How to Train Your Kid on the Violin

The most important thing you can do right now to help your child is start practicing again.

For a child who has been practicing to the point of being able to play on the first movement in a piece or to the point of being confident, simply teach them the basic skills over and over again. Do not rush them or overwhelm them.

“The first thing you can do is say, ‘OK, this was the first movement in this piece so this is the most difficult thing you can do so learn that part and practice it,’ ” says Gossler of her approach to children’s learning.

But even then, don’t do it when your child is just learning to read. “Don’t ask a 10-year-old to read you a sentence or to sing you a song. That’s asking them to do too much—you are just asking them to know the words and not the music. And you don’t have those skills when you are a kindergartener and then you want to go out and get your first violin.”

It’s important to help your children not to lose sight of why the violin is very special.

“The beauty of the violin is that there are so many

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