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It depends on the skills a student has. Many students learn piano and some learn violin. One method which has worked for some musicians is to learn it on the violin and then progress to the piano. If this sounds to you like a poor quality course, you should be very careful here. The violin is very different and the quality of the music may not be the same in both. For example a violinist should expect to learn a higher level than a pianist, if they learn violin. There is more music to be learned on the violin, so the teacher should prepare both instruments and help the students to learn to work as a two-piece. Students who work on one instrument will also need to work on the other and the teacher will need to be very careful in the process to be sure the students get the most out of each instrument.

I have recently left a concert school where I was offered to take part in a concert as a double. If I were to go back, would I enjoy it as much as if I had been offered the chance to play the whole concert?

No. Your time will be much better spent on another instrument, learning other ways to listen to music and making friends, taking on other people. If your music is interesting to people, will they like you as a person, and if so, will they be interested in learning more?

Are there any special needs that might lead people off the straight and narrow path?

Any child under the age of 18 should have every chance to play their music however they choose. Most schools will let you pick a piano or violin to play in the school for just about any reason. As with any other instrument, the same rules apply. If you leave for a short period of time you should have the full flexibility of choice. At any other time in your life, you can choose another activity, school, or any other venue for your music. You should also have opportunities to play with other professional musicians. These are a must for everyone in any orchestra.

My son is 16 now, where should I start learning music, then?
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If you’ve ever played the piano, it’s obvious that there are many ways to learn instrumentally. I generally try and start from the bottom of the class and work my way up through the rest of the class, and then when I see a student struggling to play well (not just on the piano but on many other instruments) I try something new, which I guess works better

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